We craft sleek and responsive web pages, ensuring optimal display across diverse devices and screen sizes.

Our tailored Database Management System is designed to elevate your business, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

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Design & Develop of Website

It is essential for any business to possess a website. A well-constructed online presence enables effective marketing, contributing to the establishment of credibility. A website serves as a foundational platform for integrating additional applications, such as a Database Management System, enhancing overall functionality.

Design & Branding
I adopt clean and simple, but with substance, in design. All the web pages are responsive that render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. Every website I create is unique. I applied the latest technologies in design to make the website stand out among your competitors, . That boosts branding of your business.
Wordpress Web Design
  • WordPress is by far the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) in the web design market.
  • Open Source with room for expansion
  • Highly customizable for great flexibility
  • Designed for anyone, not just developers
  • Lower setup and maintenance costs
Redesign Website
  1. Does my website look outdated?
  2. Are the sales decreasing?
  3. Have I received complaints about user experience or design-related issues?

If your answer is ‘Yes” to any of the above, a redesign of your website is necessary.

Website Maintenance
  • SEO service
  • Incorporate new features
  • Add regular promotions or offers on the site
  • Add products to your online store
  • Web hosting support

Development of Database

A Database Management System efficiently oversees data, enabling users to seamlessly execute various tasks. This system stores, organizes, and manages substantial information within a unified application, enhancing the efficiency of business operations and reducing overall costs.

Full Control, Productive
Multilevel user permissions to assign different access permissions to users or group. The database management system streamlines and speeds up the daily works processes to cut down manpower and time. The use of this system increases efficiency of business operations and reduces overall costs.
Peace of Mind Security
  • Robust website password protection
  • User self-registration, password reminder, and change password pages
  • Flexible user group permissions
  • CAPTCHA protection
  • Password encryption and strength validation
Maintenance & Updates
  • Routine maintenance and support for existing database setup
  • Improving databases, expanding their range or functionality when required
  • Updating programming code to keep up with the changing work environment
  • Upgrading of server space to cater to expansion
Backup & Restoration
For protection against data loss that can completely disrupt business operations, system will perform database backup daily automatically, or as often as per requirement, and store a copy on local server. When an error occurs that damages the integrity of the database, the backup copy of the data can be used as the basis to recover or restore the database.

Featured Work

Website Redesign

Auto Repair Shop – Full Responsive Layout and Retina Ready

Optimized for high resolution, compatible with IE9 & newer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge. Features include a responsive layout, sticky menu, ajax contact form, full-width slider, and appointment form. All sliders and carousels are mobile-friendly with touch sensitivity, catering to devices that support touch events.

Website Development

Professional Real Estate Agency Website

Ensuring cross-browser compatibility across IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge. Expertise in front-end listings posting and management, implementing email alerts and saved searches, proficient user profiles and roles management, and seamless integration of Google Map API.

Database Development

Database Management Systems

  • Robust security
  • Multilevel user permissions, self registration, password reset
  • Quotation, Invoicing
  • Update payment receive
  • Tracking of Ageing account
  • Customer, Supplier, User management
  • Reports and Charts

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About Me

Hello! I’m jian.
Designing and developing of websites is my passion.

After more than a decade immersed in web design, I’ve evolved into a seasoned full stack developer. In this role, I specialize in crafting database programs seamlessly integrated with websites, adeptly navigating both the front-end and back-end of systems.

With over 10 years of comprehensive experience as a full stack developer, I excel at tailoring applications to meet diverse customer needs. My expertise spans functions such as bookkeeping, invoicing, aging account analysis, GST and commission calculations, transaction entry, customer due diligence checks, suspicious transaction reporting, and more.

As a full stack developer, I meticulously handle both front-end and back-end development tasks. On the front-end, I shape the layout, features, and appearance of websites, while on the back-end, I construct server-side applications that seamlessly integrate with the front-end development.

  • Web Development 100% 100%
  • Database Management System 100% 100%